Benefits of Multivitamins for Women

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Benefits of Multivitamins for Women

If your diet isn’t as good as it could be, you might be able to benefit from a multivitamin. Women are particularly vulnerable to a number of dietary deficiencies.  Woman also have some unique biological characteristics that shift the amounts of vital nutrients their body needs.

The health benefits of taking a multivitamin in women are strong and numerous.
Women’s Total Synergy Multivitamins

Women tend to have a high prevalence of several nutritional deficiencies that can be addressed with multivitamins. Furthermore, there is good evidence that taking a multivitamin is directly associated with positive health benefits.

A lot of women are deficient in vitamin D. One deficiency people are becoming increasingly aware of is vitamin D. Vitamin D acts more like a hormone than a vitamin, affecting nearly every system in the body. This includes the skin, bones, immune and gastrointestinal function, muscle growth, brain health, nerve function, metabolism and more. Vitamin D exists in two forms – D2 and D3, of which D3 is the active form.  It’s estimated that maybe approximately 1 billion people worldwide suffer from vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency.  This is mainly due to a lack of sunlight or an inefficient ability to synthesize vitamin D from sunlight.  Vitamin D deficiency is also intimately linked with calcium deficiency, and these go hand-in-hand with preventing loss of bone density as you get older.

Special Vitamin Needs for Woman

Women also have special needs for B-complex vitamins. When it comes to the health effects of micronutrient deficiencies for women, it’s not just bone or immune health that’s at risk. Women have specific needs with regards to the vitamin B family too and if these aren’t met.  These deficiencies can be associated with a higher risk of developing chronic diseases, mood disorders and infertility.

Folate (aka vitamin B9) is important for protecting DNA. Folate, B9, is a water-soluble vitamin that plays a critical role in fertility, fetal development and DNA and RNA synthesis.

Fortunately, a multivitamin supplement for women can assist in addressing these nutritional deficiencies, improve health and longevity, and possibly even decrease your risk of serious disease. But remember, a multivitamin supplement is only meant to fill the void and assist and not in any way meant to substitute and cure.